Reception Staff

Marianne Samuels, Lead Receptionist Marianne Samuels, Lead Receptionist

Marianne has been working at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital for the past 10 years and, as part of her position, she trains and manages the front office staff, provides customer service and acts as a team leader. While her favorite part of her job is interacting with patients, Marianne acknowledges that her "ability to learn quickly, multitask and function in other areas of the hospital" have proven to be very beneficial for the clients and their pets.

Aside from her receptionist position, Marianne occasionally assists the kennel and technical teams. In her words, "Jones Bridge Animal Hospital is one of the best hospitals in North Fulton. The staff is amazing and the clients are wonderful. Everyone is so friendly. This hospital is a home away from home for all of us."

Spending time with her domestic longhaired cat, McLovin, is one of Marianne's favorite things to do. She also enjoys watching her son play soccer, traveling, and taking fun trips with her family as much as possible.

Mary, Receptionist Mary, Receptionist

Mary has been with Jones Bridge Animal Hospital since April of 2001. In addition to scheduling appointments, she welcomes clients and, in her words, "assists with a variety of needs for our clients' babies." Mary is attentive and quick to offer advice on how clients may best care for their pets.

"Jones Bridge Animal Hospital is a vibrant, care-giving animal practice. We try to make everyone feel as if both they and their pets are part of our family," Mary said.

She has four pets of her own- 1 dog and 3 cats.

Monica Dunn, Receptionist Monica Dunn, Receptionist

As one of the first people to greet clients when they enter the animal hospital and to respond to phone inquiries, Monica realizes that her job is very important. "I strive to ensure that our clients receive the best care and products available to meet their pets' needs," she said. She is proud to be part of a dedicated team of doctors and staff.

Monica obtained her certified management accounting designation in Canada and has been working at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital since October of 2000.

At home, Monica enjoys the company of Sammi, her 1 year old rescued hound, and Rocky, her 5 year old cat. She recently began taking golf lessons and also enjoys traveling and Zumba classes.

Lisa Woodhead, ReceptionistLisa Woodhead, Receptionist

Lisa has been working as one of our outstanding Receptionists here at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital since December of 2014. One of the favorite things about working here is speaking with our clients and learning about them, their pets, and the bonds they share with one another. Lisa finds it easy to communicate with our clients about their pets and is always willing to help fulfill their needs however she can.

“I enjoy speaking with the clients and helping them,” Lisa says. “Every day is a new adventure. The atmosphere here is like a big family from the clients to the employees.”

Some Lisa’s responsibilities as a Receptionist involve answering phones, scheduling appointments, setting reminders for patient and client visits, and checking in our lodgers and furturnity members.

In her time away from the hospital Lisa loves to spend time with her husband and their two grown children. Lisa is always happy to have a friendly match of tennis with her husband. She loves to play travel and see the world, creating her own new adventures along the way whenever she can.

Maria Sanchez, ReceptionistMaria C. Sanchez, Receptionist

As our receptionist, Maria likes how friendly both the staff and clients of Jones Bridge Animal Hospital are. In addition to talking with our clients, she enjoys the reward of helping them solve difficult problems. "I like developing relationships with the clients and knowing exactly who they are when they walk in the door," she says.

A member of our team since August 2014, Maria is responsible for scheduling appointments and lodging reservations, answering incoming calls, and providing top-notch customer service.

When she's not working, she spends her time with her family and friends and traveling. Her many hobbies include reading, cooking, Zumba, and photography.

Stephanie Centeno, ReceptionistStephanie Centeno, Receptionist

Interacting with our fantastic clients and getting to greet all of their remarkable pets is one of the Stephanie’s favorite things about working for Jones Bridge Animal Hospital. She is a full-time receptionist who is currently enrolled at Georgia State University with a field of study in Nursing and Pediatric Oncology.

Since joining our reception team in December of 2015 Stephanie has shown to be a and effective member of our office operations. Some of Stephanie’s daily responsibilities include taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, greeting and exchanging farewells to clients, scheduling for boarding and daycare appointments, and much more! She is always willing to help our clients, patients, and her coworkers.

Stephanie spends much of her free time with her son, Nash. They love watching football with one another and taking photoshoots together. Stephanie enjoys practicing photography, having fun with her friends, but also loves coming to Jones Bridge Animal Hospital where she can work and play with some of her favorite pets! At home, she owns a Teacup Yorkie named Kaleb, a Pitbull named Zeus, and a Westie named Brooklyn.

Natalie Jones, ReceptionistNatalie Jones, Receptionist

Client communication and education are two important aspects of Natalie’s role with Jones Bridge Animal Hospital as a Receptionist. Natalie loves communicating with our clients to provide effective and understandable education. Some of Natalie’s daily responsibilities include answering phones, checking clients and patients in and out of our facilities, scheduling appointments. She also helps with much more to uphold the highest standards of client service.

Natalie brings with her a willingness to learn and teach others, and is very perceptive in her duties at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital. She is currently enrolled at Gwinnett Technical College and is pursing a degree in Engineering Technologies. Before joining our team in January 2018, Natalie had been working with horses for about 10 years through pony birthday parties and summer camps.

“I love working at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital, it’s the most fun job I’ve had so far!” Natalie declares. “The whole team here cares about the animals and each other just as much as I do. Everyone wants to help clients be educated on their pets and teach each other new things.”

At home Natalie owns a 2 domestic short hair cats named Puddle and Sorren. She loves to spend her free time reading, baking, horseback riding, studying, and especially snuggling up with her kitties.

Hayden Stanford, ReceptionistHayden Stanford, Receptionist

Hayden is a highly organized person with a passion for animals and color-coded filing systems. This is one of the many reasons why Hayden is an incredible Receptionist here at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital. Hayden is responsible for managing surgery scheduling and daily appointments, helping handle emergencies, checking on patients and managing proper prescription refill services. She also is a great help serving as our Instagram webmaster, in the resort and daycare renovations, and greeting our clients and patients.

Her favorite part about working with us is being able to help pet owners receive the proper care they need for their pets. Hayden also loves to hold the puppies that come in to our facilities for visits.

“Jones Bridge Animal Hospital is an amazing place for personal growth in the veterinary field,” Hayden says. “Your enthusiasm to learn is matched with a willingness to teach from the staff. Also, it’s hard to have a bad day when you’re constantly surrounded by fur babies.”

Hayden owns a Terrier mix, named Roscoe, who comes to work with her each day. She loves spending her spare time traveling, practicing photography, reading, and watching movies. Hayden also enjoys passing her time by eating and cooking delicious food.

Gabby Sanchez, ReceptionistGabby Sanchez, Receptionist

Gabby, one of our terrific Receptionists and Resort Staff Members, is known for her positive attitude and humorous personality. She loves giving hugs and kisses to our patients and is always happy to greet and converse with our clients. Gabby has to be versatile in her daily operations, but she always makes sure she is helping our clients and patients to the best of her abilities.

“Team work is very important here, and everyone being helpful and positive helps create an enjoyable environment for all.”

Gabby loves to go for hikes and go swimming. She is also content to say at home to watch a good movie or find an interesting read. Gabby enjoys passing the time by spending it with her friends, family, and loved ones.

Barbara Snellings, ReceptionistBarbara Snellings, Receptionist

Barbara Snellings has been a client of Jones Bridge Animal Hospital for 20+ years before being hired as a Receptionist. She believes that the reception staff is “the face” of Jones Bridge Animal Hospital and is the first contact with the public. She draws upon her years as a church secretary and office manager to guide her in interactions with pet parents. “So often people call us and are concerned or troubled about the heath and well-being of their pets. Our job is to offer reassurance and calmness in the face of anxiety, working together with the doctor to alleviate their worries and assuage their fears.”

Barbara has one dog of her own at home. She loves singing, reading, gardening, and acting in community theater.