Gold Collar Academy & Resort Staff

Jason Aird, Resort Manager Jason Aird, Resort Manager

Jason Aird has been working for Jones Bridge Animal Hospital since August of 2010 and has been working professionally with animals for 3 years. He assists veterinarians and technicians with various tasks and manages a wonderful team of resort employees. "I love building bonds and bringing loving care to the pets. It's always a blast!" said Jason.

Jason's youthful and positive personality is a welcome addition to the office staff. "I'm an upbeat, energetic person and bring great energy to the animal hospital!" he said.

Jason enjoys working at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital because of the genuine care given to the clients and pets. "It's nice to be part of something important and to work with such a special group of people. My coworkers are caring and fun to be around," Jason said about his work here.

Jason enjoys spending time at home with his bearded dragon, Xena, and his handsome guard dog, Gadge. He likes to workout, swim at the pool, and spend time with his family. He also enjoys boxing and playing football.

Randall SwinsonRandall Swinson

With his fun loving personality and his dedication to the pets, Randall Swinson is a pleasure to have on staff at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital. His job responsibilities include overseeing the safety of the animals, ensuring that they are fed and walked regularly, and providing assistance to the veterinary technicians when needed. Randall joined our staff in June, 2012.

Randall's favorite part of his workday is when he gets to shower the animals with love and affection. "I love TLC time!" he said. "I go out and run in circles with the pets. I love when I can get them all to play along and act crazy."

In addition to his regular duties and interacting with the pets, Randall enjoys meeting "new breeds of animals," he said. "Learning how to handle a unique pet situation and the joy of watching an animal pull through a difficult situation is an amazing experience. I also love the people I work with here."

In his spare time, Randall likes drawing, playing sports with his friends (particularly football and basketball) and "jamming" on his guitar.

Dante' Aird-Harris, Kennel/Resort Caretaker

Dante is a full-time kennel and resort caretaker at Jones Bridge Animal Hospital. He joined the team in June of 2016, but before that he had been a volunteer at our hospital. Dante is responsible for supervising the animals during walks, playtime, and feeding. He loves spending time with the animals and the amount of designated playtime. His work ethic and sense of humor make him a great asset to the staff.

At home, Dante cares for a cat of his own. A Russian blue short hair named Bishop. He is a big fan of professional sports, and is currently pursuing martial arts training. Dante enjoys playing video games and cooking in his free time.

Justin Scully, Pet Care Technician

Pet care technician Justin Scully is a full-time member of the Jones Bridge Animal Hospital staff who works hard each day to provide a speedy, proactive approach to our pet care. Some of Justin’s daily responsibilities include feeding, walking, bathing, nail trimmings, restraining, checking patients in, stocking food, and facility maintenance. The part of his job that Justin enjoys most is playing with the dogs that enter our establishment.

When asked about working for Jones Bridge Animal Hospital, Justin declares, “It is the best animal hospital I’ve been to. The people are great, and the pets are awesome. The customers are also nice too, which makes the job a lot less difficult.”

In his spare time, Justin trains Jiu Jitsu and likes to remain active. While he is not training, Justin enjoys eating, watching football, playing video games, watching movies, and running. At home, he has a German Shephard mix, named Scirenz.

Freddy Robles, Pet Care Technician

Freddy, one of our phenomenal pet care technicians, joined our team in August of 2016. He considers getting to know the pets that come to our hospital and being able to play with them outside as the best aspect of his job. Freddy assists with taking care of the pets that lodge with us, providing them with bedding, water, and feeding them. To keep them happy and active, Freddy plays with them outside as well as keeping them comfortable indoors.

“I like the energy of the people we have that work here and the pets as well,” proclaims Freddy. “I want to bring as much positivity as I can, and me being the funny person I am, to make people laugh. Everyone here works as hard as they can for the pets and clients to make sure they are well taken care of.”

In his down time, Freddy enjoys being out in nature, and loves to workout. He enjoys playing football when he has the chance, and of course, loves looking after animals. At home, he owns a Labrador Retreiver named Ashley.

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